Corporate Donation Matching

You can help make a difference with your tax-deductible membership or donation! Your donation helps preserve and protect the lighthouses and keep them open for thousands of visitors every year. Please consider an individual or family membership, a donation, or a contribution in honor or in memory of a loved one. Help protect this history for future generations. Then, print off a Company Matching Gift form to take with you to your company. Type or print your company's name and address into the boxes as well as your name for submitting it. If you donated online, please print off and take with you or e-mail your electronic receipt to your company. First donate as you normally would. Then, go to your companies Human Resource Department, Marketing Manager or person in charge of corporate giving with your donation receipt and company matching gift form and ask them to have your company sign up to match your donation to The Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy. It’s that easy!